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We know how critical it is for you to have the fertilizer you need, when you need it. We work hard to provide you with a competitively-priced, dependable fertilizer supply, along with the recommendations and services you need to profitably raise healthy crops, season after season.

Local experts

Our knowledgeable local experts will help you follow The Fertilizer Institute’s “4 R” nutrient stewardship recommendations for using the right fertilizer source, at the right rate, at the right time, with the right placement. For pinpoint precision and maximum efficiency, our CHS YieldPoint™ specialists can help you with variable rate fertilizer prescriptions and application.

A leading distributor

As a leading distributor of crop nutrients, CHS reliably sources fertilizer from more than 20 countries around the world. We also supply propriety branded specialty fertilizer products. Ask us about CHS N-Edge® a nitrogen stabilizer, XLR-rate® a liquid starter and foliar fertilizers and CHS Aventine™ Complete. We have complete fertilizers for faster, earlier growth and better yield potential.

Become a 4R advocate today

Nutrient management is an increasingly important issue, from both a profitability and environmental standpoint. CHS supports programs and initiatives to help increase understanding of how, and why farmers use fertilizer to raise healthy, profitable crops.

To that end, The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) is a fertilizer industry advocacy and awareness group that represents the public policy, communication and statistical needs of fertilizer producers, manufacturers, retailers and transporters. CHS, a long-time TFI member, supports TFI efforts to certify growers who practice good nutrient management and stewardship through the 4R Advocate Program. CHS is interested in having more of its farmer-owners become certified.

To become a 4R Advocate, or to learn more about the program, contact your agronomist today!

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