CHS Northwest Youth Rewards

Rooted in the community

As a homegrown farming co-op, CHS Northwest has been part of the communities we serve from the very beginning. We know what it means to head out into the cold morning to clean the stalls and cages, milk the cows and take care of the land. Farming is a part of who we are. We believe in the values that caring for an animal or working on a project teach. So we want to support community organizations and events that promote the future of farming and agriculture. We are proud to offer a rebate program to youth involved in 4-H, FFA and other agricultural related youth activities.

How it works

We recognize that supplies and equipment required for these activities can be costly. By offering this rebate program, we hope to be able to return some of your investment so that you can continue to pursue your interests in agriculture.

CHS Northwest is happy to offer the Youth Rewards program on project related items including feed, bedding, animal health-related products, and grooming supplies.

CHS Northwest also offers college scholarships to students interested in pursuing an education in an agriculture related field of study. Find out more about scholarships at


  • 4-H, FFA, Pony Club and other agricultural related youth organizations
  • Must be under 21 years of age

Qualifying purchases include:

  • Feed, salt, supplements
  • Animal health products
  • Bedding materials
  • Tack, collars and show equipment
  • Feeders, buckets, salt holders
  • Brushes
  • Grooming supplies
  • Seeds and plant starts
  • Planters and planting supplies
  • Fertilizers
  • Soils, manure and amendments
  • Herbicides and pesticides

Non-qualifying purchases

  • Any products used for home and/or personal use
  • Fencing, panels, gates and fence chargers
  • Stock tanks
  • Non-project related purchases or personal purchases

Program calendar year – September through August

How to apply

Please download and fill out the form below and email it to